Emergency Telephone Number

In accordance with Decision No. 966/2 - 
GG 5266/Β/30-11-2020, of the Hellenic
Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT),
we would like to inform you that calls to 1024
are subject to the Pricing Policy of each mobile
and fixed network operator. For further information,
please visit the website of your operator as well as
the website of the Price Observatory for
Telecommunications and Postal Services by EETT.
210 668 2222

Telephone Customer Service

The device and the Account Card

The device

Upon registration for any of the subscription programmes offered by the Attica Tollway, you will be given the e-PASS device FREE OF CHARGE, which must be permanently affixed to the inner side of the windshield of your car. The e-PASS device enables the Electronic Toll System to identify your vehicle each time you pass through the toll station, automatically lifting the bar and charging your account accordingly.

Account Card

If your vehicle is a truck or a motorcycle, then, upon registering for any of our subscription programmes, you will be provided with the special Account Card.

If you own a special account card, you can only pass through a collector’ lane.

Important note: Truck or bus drivers, when traveling on the interoperable road network (Olympia Odos, Moreas Motorway, Aegean Motorway, Rio-Antirio Bridge), can replace their Account Card with the interoperable e-PASS device.

Who can use the e-PASS?

The e-PASS device is used exclusively by drivers of private cars and small commercial vehicles, with a height not exceeding 2.70 meters (ONLY IN ATTICA TOLLWAY!). It cannot be used by drivers of motorcycles.

How should the e-PASS device be affixed?

ATTENTION: You must ALWAYS keep the e-PASS affixed to the windshield of your car.

* If you have a heated windshield, there will be a special area where you can affix the e-PASS device. For further information, please refer to your vehicle's user instructions.

  • Step 1: Clean the windshield of your car using the special tissue
  • Step 2: Remove the sticker from the e-PASS base
  • Step 3: Carefully stick the base of the device to the inner side of the windshield and fix the e-PASS to the base. The subscriber should be able to see the surface bearing the Attica Tollway sticker, which shows the contact telephone number and the website address (see photo).

Remember: Specialized staff at the Customer Service Centers of Attica Tollway are always at your disposal to help you affix the device or answer any questions you may have.

Which lanes should e-PASS holders use?

The electronic lanes with the electronic transaction sign on Attica Tollway and on 4 road networks participating in the Interoperability Network:

  • Aegean Motorway (National Road Athens-Thessaloniki, Maliakos-Kleidi section)
  • Olylmpia Odos (Elefsina-Korinthos-Patra national highway)
  • Rion-Antirrion Bridge
  • Moreas (Korinthos-Tripoli-Kalamata national highway)

In case you owe more than one electronic devices, select and install the electronic device you wish to use in your vehicle's windscreen.

What do the messages displayed on the e-PASS lane mean?



A distinctive audio signal (beep) is emitted by your device, the electronic message sign turns green, the bar is automatically lifted to let you through, and the charge against your account will have been successfully completed.


 Two audio signals (beep) are emitted, the green electronic message sign blinks, and the bar will be lifted to let you through. HOWEVER, the balance of your account is low and you must renew it. When you arrive at the next toll station, pass through a lane served by a collection officer, to renew your account. (ATTENTION: ONLY ON ATTICA TOLLWAY). You may obtain information about your remaining account levels and renewal time limits from the Customer Service Centers and the Customer Telephone Service (210-6682222).



Four audio signals (beeps) are emitted, the electronic message sign remains red, and the bar WILL NOT BE LIFTED. Your account has been deactivated. Therefore, in order to enter the Tollway, you must pass through a lane served by a collection officer and pay the full toll fee without discount. On payment by cash, you may choose to activate your account (ATTENTION: ONLY ON THE ATTICA TOLLWAY), so that the next time you enter Attica Tollway, you can benefit from the respective discount.



Your device has not been recognized by the Toll System or has been cancelled. Make sure that the e-PASS device is properly affixed to the windshield of your car and repeat the process. Do not attempt to pass if the sign "NO e-PASS" is displayed again, the electronic message sign will stay red and the bar will not be lifted. In this event, use a lane served by a collection officer to pay by cash.

What should I be careful of?

  • You should enter the exclusive e-PASS lane only if the transaction of the vehicle in front of you has been completed and the bar has closed.
  • Your speed must not exceed 20 km/ hour, so that if the bar is not lifted for any reason, you can stop in time.
  • Keep a distance of least 10 meters from the car in front of you.

General advice

For the e-PASS device to function properly, it must be kept in good condition. If it is damaged or destroyed, you must visit one of the 12 Attica Tollway Customer Service Centers (9 along Attica Tollway and 3 along Moreas Motorway).

Using the e-PASS on other motorways

Thanks to the interoperability, the service introduced by Attica Tollway on 2008, expanded on 18/12/12  and provided free of charge, you can use your e-PASS transponder not only on Attica Tollway, but at all electronic toll lanes of the participating motorways:

  • Aegean Motorway (National Road Athens-Thessaloniki, Maliakos-Kleidi section)
  • Olylmpia Odos (Elefsina-Korinthos-Patra National Highway)
  • Rion-Antirrion Bridge
  • Moreas (Korinthos-Tripoli-Kalamata National Highway)

Before setting off:

  • If you intend to make use of interoperability, please ensure that you have sufficient credit in your account before you set off for your journey (there is no way of renewing your account at the toll stations of the other motorways).
  • Use the electronic lanes with the respective signage (familiar from the electronic lanes on Attica Tollway). Please, mind the local signage of the Highway Code (vehicle height, distance keeping, speed limits, etc), for the best operation of the interoperable system.
  • Every transaction on other interoperable motorways will be charged according to the commercial policy of each road network and without discount.
  • In case you owe more than one electronic devices, select and install the electronic device you wish to use in your vehicle's windscreen.

Learn more:

Aegean Motorway 2410 741440 www.aegeanmotorway.gr
Attiki Odos 210 6682222 www.aodos.gr
Olympia Odos 22960 95555 www.olympiaodos.gr
Moreas 2710 562020 www.moreas.com.gr
Rion-Antirrion Bridge 26340 39010-11 www.gefyra.gr