Emergency Telephone Number

In accordance with Decision No. 966/2 - 
GG 5266/Β/30-11-2020, of the Hellenic
Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT),
we would like to inform you that calls to 1024
are subject to the Pricing Policy of each mobile
and fixed network operator. For further information,
please visit the website of your operator as well as
the website of the Price Observatory for
Telecommunications and Postal Services by EETT.
210 668 2222

Telephone Customer Service

The BUSINESS post-payment subscription programme offers you significant graduated increasing discounts, according to the number of transactions performed within the month. In respect of this subscription programme, we would like to let you know that information is provided and the relevant activation procedure is only performed at our company’s headquarters, in Peania (41.9 km Attiki Odos, Exit 18 Peania - Spata, Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00)

Who is it addressed to
The BUSINESS subscription programme is exclusively addressed to companies (legal persons) and for a total number of 10 or more vehicles (regardless of the category).

Why it is beneficial to you

  • You save money every time you pass through the tolls since, the more you use the Attiki Odos, on a monthly basis, the greater the discount you get!
  • You receive a monthly itemised bill, including all the transactions performed by your vehicles (day, time, toll station)
  • You are enabled to check the cost and itineraries of your company’s vehicles.
  • An invoice is issued for the settlement of your toll transactions, which is paid at a later date, therefore significantly simplifying your accounting administration. The "Business" subscription programme comes with a graduated monthly fee, per e-PASS device or account card (according to the number of e-PASS devices or cards subscribed to your company).
Pre-payment Subscription Programme Price List ΒUSINESS
Vehicle Category 1 2,3,4 5 6

Toll Rates For entries/ transactions realised within the same calendar month The charges of the present Price List are calculated based on the nominal toll rates in force of Attiki Odos Motorway. In the event of adjustment of the aforementioned toll rates, the Company reserves the right to readjust the present Price List. The toll rates are calculated incrementally per e-PASS transponder / Account Card for the entries/transactions realised from the 1st to the last day of each month.

The first 30 entries/transactions of the month





The next 20 entries/transactions (31st to 50th) during the same month





More than 50 entries/transactions (51st and over) during the same month





Monthly Fixed Fee 

(ανά ηλεκτρονική συσκευή e-PASS / Κάρτα Λογαριασμού) It is paid per e-PASS transponder / Account Card and is calculated in proportion to the number of days of use of the e-PASS transponder / Account Card.


Credit Guarantee

It is determined by the Subscriber and relates to the maximum requested credit against an equal guarantee

Replacement Cost Means the amount the Subscriber will pay to the Company, in case the e-PASS transponder or the Account Card is declared stolen, lost or damaged.


per e-PASS


per Account Card

Low Account Warning Level

It is at least equal to 25% of the credit guarantee of the Subscriber and is the limit in order for the Subscriber to directly pay any unpaid invoices or increase his/her credit limit (credit guarantee).

Bad Account Level

It is equal to the credit guarantee of the Subscriber and is the limit beyond which the Subscriber cannot realise other entries/transactions.

The prices of the present Price List are VAT 24% inclusive.
The current pricelist is valid since July 1st, 2016